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Our latest Podcast - Have a listen to our latest thoughts on self care whilst isolating and/or socially distancing. (Released March 2020)

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Bite-sized Videos

Our latest video, looking at the new normal - a lockdown special!

Anxiety Toolkit - from our Counselling for Blokes service

Online Therapy from Cornerstone

Introducing 'Blueprint', solution-focused therapy from Cornerstone

"Counselling for Blokes" - An introduction video for our bespoke male-focused therapy service.

Empathy and sympathy - Do you know the difference?


Identity - From time to time we may question who we are. How can therapy help?

 Speaking to a Counsellor, or speaking to a friend or family member - Both hold value, but here's why talking to a counsellor may be different to any support network you may have in your personal life.

What is Counselling? - It's a question we're often asked, so here is a brief response.

What happens in a Cornerstone initial meeting - Highlighting what you can expect from your first meeting with us here at Cornerstone.

Self-awareness - Exploring how the Johari Window model can provide individuals with an insight into areas of their life they may not know existed!

Emotionally Healthy Teams - Discovering the authentic individual is the key to unlocking the potential of a team.

Communicating with your Partner - What actually is our communication?

Transactional Analysis - A brief look at the Ego state model incorporated within the Transactional Analysis (TA) model of therapy. 

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White Papers

Articles written by our counsellors. Available here for reference. 

 Ten Positive Factors that Contribute to a Healthy Relationship Click Here to Download
 Busting the Therapy Myth Click Here to Download
Five Ways You Can Change Your Mood Click Here to Download
Five Ways to Improve Communication in your Relationship Click Here to Download
Five Ways Mindfulness can Help You Every Day Click Here to Download
When Humour and Therapy Collide with Business Development Click Here to Download
Five Steps to Healthy Endings Click Here to Download
Five ways to unclutter your life Click Here to Download
Men. We need to talk about how we feel Click Here to Download
Anxiety Toolkit Click Here to Download
Can Counselling Work?  Click Here to Download

Mental Health during Covid-19 Isolation 2020

Click Here to Download

Client Documentation

Here you will find our therapeutic contract, as well as information we usually send to clients upon booking their first meeting with us. All part of the service! 

                            Cornerstone Therapeutic Contract                            Click Here to Download
 Before your first session Click Here to Download


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