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We've now managed to compile quite an extensive assortment of therapy-related videos. You can view them all via our YouTube channel.

Some of our recent uploads

Worry - Why do we worry? What can we do about it?




Understanding Ego states (part one) - A brief look at the Parent ego state

Understanding Ego states (part two) - the Adult ego state

Understanding Ego states (part three) - the Child ego state




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White Papers

Articles written by our counsellors past and present. Available here for reference. 

 Ten Positive Factors that Contribute to a Healthy Relationship Click Here to Download
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Five ways to unclutter your life Click Here to Download
Men. We need to talk about how we feel Click Here to Download
Anxiety Toolkit Click Here to Download
Can Counselling Work?  Click Here to Download

Mental Health during Covid-19 Isolation 2020

Click Here to Download

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