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A selection of comments received

Over the past nine years we have worked with a variety of clients from all walks of life. We often see positive change in client's lives, and it's great when they share their positive thoughts with us.

Here are a some quotes we have received.

“It can not be underestimated how important the space you provide is to someone in crisis. It can not be understated just how life saving my therapy time has been. Literally. You provided a space where I’ve been able to openly grieve the loss of my marriage without judgement. Share my feelings without criticism. These things prevented me from drowning in despair and hopelessness.

"It was extremely helpful to go and speak openly about the unhelpful thought patterns I had developed and to use the counselling room as a safe space to untangle said thought patterns."


"The counselling helped me massively, not being judged and just to be listened to was a great start.
After the initial meeting then my first counselling session I soon felt at ease."


"Therapy helped  me to have a  safe space to talk, understand what happens when I am anxious and gave me a toolkit to help me with anxiety attacks."


"I have a safe space in which I can discuss things that are troubling me and causing issues in my daily life."


"The counselling made me re-evaluate my outlook on life and gave both me and my wife a second chance at happiness."


"The counselling helped me to deal with everyday issues that I was previously struggling with. He gave me back the voice that I had previously lost. Thank You!"


"I found it incredibly helpful from an anxiety point of view and also from a spiritual point of view. I felt I connected from the start and found counselling to be very warm and engaging."


"I personally did the usual thing and laughed off counselling, ‘it’s not a male thing’ was always my thought. I couldn’t be more wrong and what I imagined was easily put into perspective and my opinion changed massively. I feel I can now move forward feeling I have my strength back, but in the same breath the feeling I’ve been left with is someone will always be there, to listen."


"I now look forward to seeing friends rather than worrying about how the day will pan out, I now can be more present in every conversation and above all I am now being kinder to myself."


"Very dubious at the start refusing to believe that just talking could change anything but after a series of sessions I wanted to encourage others to take the plunge!"


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Chris Wallwork (MBACP)
Chris Wallwork (MBACP)

Chris has a management and coaching background, with over 20 years experience of delivering positive change for individuals and teams.

Robin Boult (MBACP)
Robin Boult (MBACP)

Working as a consultant counsellor, Robin brings a wealth of therapeutic experience to the Cornerstone team.

Rachael Horan (MBACP)
Rachael Horan (MBACP)

Working as a consultant counsellor, Rachael offers sessions to adults, children and young people.