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Upholding standards whilst maintaining social distancing

Help and support is still available

Virtual sessions, catering to your individual requirements

At Cornerstone we are acutely aware that whilst social distancing and isolation forms a significant part of our lives at present, clients existing and new will still be looking at their therapy options and working out what's best.

Face to face

In an ideal world, we would still be able to offer face to face sessions from our therapy rooms. However, it is a sensible stance to withdraw this offer from our service for the time being. Rest assured, as soon as we are able to do so, we will re-introduce face to face sessions for all clients if desired.

**UPDATE - As of September we are able to offer a limited number of daytime sessions where we can meet clients face to face. We are able to meet and conduct therapy whilst walking, or we can visit you for a session outside in your garden. There are practical and logistical factors to consider when setting up therapy in this way, but we can discuss this and go through how we could make it work for you.** 

What options are available to me?

Both Chris and Nathan have undertaken training in order to ensure proficiency in online counselling. This is an enhanced course, over and above regular training and qualifications. As a consequence, you can have peace of mind in choosing to work with therapists who are comfortable and confident in offering sessions via a PC, tablet, or phone. Presently, we offer our therapy service via the following methods:

- Phone call

- Facetime

- Skype

- Zoom



What about confidentiality?

Working from home presents challenges for people of all professions, and therapists are no exception to this. Cornerstone counsellors commit to wearing headphones for sessions conducted, meaning that your voice can only be heard by the person you are talking to. We also offer our therapy from a part of our respective houses where we will not be disturbed, meaning that you can be confident the confidential setting your counsellor is providing is as confidential as a regular session in the therapy room would be. The one component we have no control over is third party applications. Facetime, Skype and Zoom all have their own respective privacy policies, and we would point you to them if you are concerned about privacy. Cornerstone is registered with the ICO, and whilst we do all we can to hold your data sensitively, we cannot take responsibility for the processes of third party providers. We have updated our contract for online working to reflect this.

So how does it work?

We are trying to replicate the face to face process as much as possible. Therefore, in the same way that you would come to the therapy room to see your counsellor, we ask that you make contact with us at your appointment time. You and your counsellor will decide on a platform upon which to conduct your sessions, and your counsellor will be ready to receive your call on that platform at the appointed time. 

What about payment?

Payment can be made by BACS, Paypal, or we can invoice you so that you can pay by card via our online system. We ask that payment is made by the end of the day on which you have had therapy. 

Can I see your contract?

You can, by clicking here.

I still have questions

You can make contact with us via the contact page on our website, by emailing, or by ringing our 24 hour voicemail service on 01823 765065. If you have a specific therapist in mind you can of course leave your message directly for that person, and they will contact you within one working day (depending on the time you make contact, you may even find that we've come back to you a lot sooner). If you want to leave a general message, then we will contact you via the medium you contacted us.

I'm a new client. What is an Initial Meeting?

The initial meeting is a chance for us to chat over the phone and work out your therapy goals. This initial meeting is free of charge, and normally lasts about 30 minutes. If you decide to have further sessions after this, then we will spend some time working through our therapeutic contract. This contract is a commitment from us both to engage in good therapy work for you.

This handy diagram explains the meeting some more, the only change from this is that we're now conducting it over the phone...!

Can you tell me more about you?

Feel free to read the about us section on this site, there you will find some more information on Cornerstone, and us.

I still have some questions, and I'm not yet ready to formally contact you...

That's okay, we don't bite! We'll happily answer your questions about therapy, and won't put you under any pressure. Feel free to send us an email, or visit our Facebook or Instagram pages and DM us.

Thank you for visiting our site,

Chris and Nathan


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Nathan Fox (MBACP)
Nathan Fox (MBACP)

Nathan has significant experience working with people of all ages, helping clients to achieve their potential.

Chris Wallwork (MBACP)
Chris Wallwork (MBACP)
Counsellor and Coach

Chris has a management and coaching background, with over 15 years experience of delivering positive change for individuals and teams.