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"Real men don't talk about their feelings, should suck it up, man up, or just deal with it." Sound familiar? It's rubbish of course, but for many men this has been how we have been told we are supposed to be.

However, if you are struggling with feelings and emotions, it is okay to talk. Deep conversation doesn't have to revolve around the weather, or football scores.

At Cornerstone, we have created Counselling for Blokes a brand of therapy catering for guys who are fed up with bottling things up, and want to offload in a safe and non-judgemental environment. 

Maybe you want to feel less angry, maybe you want to explore why you find it hard to avoid conflict in relationships - then Counselling for Blokes is a great place to start to figure all this out.

We charge £45 for an appointment, and the first 30 minute chat is free of charge. Why not give us a go and see if we can be a support to you? You can email us here or call us via our Cornerstone number - 01823 765065.

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Chris Wallwork
Chris Wallwork

Chris has a management and coaching background, with over 15 years experience of delivering positive change for individuals and teams.