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We can all struggle with life. There should be no shame in admitting that. However as guys we often 'suck it up' and pretend on the outside that everything is 'fine', yet on the inside we're struggling. The image of 'alpha male' or 'hunter/gatherer' can be a strong one.

Expectations passed on from parents, and comparisons to siblings can feel a weight which can become overpowering. As a consequence we can want to fight our demons in order to not let anybody down, lest we expose ourselves as not coping. Sometimes, we may even feel like there's no one who can listen or understand, maybe we can't talk to our partner, and we're worried our friends will think we're being dramatic - but that's where we come in.

At Cornerstone we've set up 'Counselling for Blokes'. Our counsellors Chris and Nathan are men in their 30's, experiencing the trials and tribulations of life to varying degrees, and can empathise with men who are struggling and want to find a way to cope or change. They are fully trained, qualified, registered and insured!

Can counselling work? This short article may help.

Did you know that the biggest cause of death for men under 50 in the UK is suicide? (source: Depression, anxiety, stress, low mood...these are conditions and emotions that don't discriminate on age, income, or status. We want to make it okay to talk.

We know the thought of heading in to a therapy room to allow someone to 'get in your head' can be a daunting one, even for a guy. So we've set up a few ways in which we can work with you.

You can:

Come see us - We're not scary, and we offer good coffee.

Call us - Therapy from the comfort of your own home without having to stare at a stranger's face!

FaceTime/Skype - For those not daunted by strange faces, video calling is an option too!

Choose your duration - Our standard practice is to offer 1 hour sessions to clients, but if you only have a spare 30 minutes in between finishing work and needing to be home? We can work with you in that space.

Be anywhere in the world - We are based in Somerset, but we have helped clients all across Europe to find positive change in their lives.

Cost - Free first meeting which normally lasts 30 minutes. Once therapy is agreed, our charges are:

Phone and FaceTime - £35

Face-to-face sessions - £40

For cost purposes a session is defined as 1 hour, the price charged will be reflected in the session duration you choose.

Interested? - You can call us at our Cornerstone offices on 01823 765065 or email


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Five core issues for men

Are you:

- In conflict at home or in work?

- Having trouble functioning?

- Unable to relax?

- Finding yourself becoming emotional, and not understanding why?

- Wanting to quit your job?

- Experiencing a low sex drive?

- Having negative thoughts about yourself?

- Resorting to alcohol or drugs to be able to cope?

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Chris Wallwork
Chris Wallwork

Chris has a management and coaching background, with over 15 years experience of delivering positive change for individuals and teams.

Nathan Fox
Nathan Fox

Nathan has significant experience working with people of all ages, helping clients to achieve their potential.